13 February 2009

Gie's a job!

[Or for those who aren't Scottish: "Give me a job!" ;) ]

I know a few people read this blog so it seems like a good place for some advertising...

A new post-doctoral research associate position has opened up within the particle physics group at Edinburgh University to work on distributed storage management for the GridPP project. This has come about as I am leaving GridPP to move onto other things (physics analysis for LHCb, if you must know) so the project needs a replacement. It will be an exciting time for whomever gets the job since this year we will actually start to see data from the LHC experiments (fingers crossed)! Plus, Edinburgh is a great place to live and work.

All of the details about the position and the online application form can be found here. If you would like any more details please do get in touch.

In addition, the particle physics group in Edinburgh is advertising another job titled "Scientific Programmer". This system administrator position had two main responsibilities. First is the organisation and support of the groups computing needs and secondly to assist in the day-to-day operations of the Edinburgh Tier-2 grid services. All details can be found here. Again, get in touch if you have questions.


Update: You can get a full listing of the jobs available within the particle physics group at Edinburgh here:


There's even an advanced fellowship position available if anyone is interested in doing some physics!