07 November 2017

IPV6 slowly encroaching into Data storage and transfers within the GridPP UK community for WLCG experiments.

Its the elephant in the room. We know IPv6 is around the corner. (Some would say say its three corners back and we have just been ignoring it.) However, within the UK, GridPP is making progress.
More and more sites are offering fully dual stacked storage systems. Indeed some sites are already fully dual-stacked.

Other sites are slowly working in IPv6 components into current systems.

As a group we are looking at new gateway technologies to span IPV4 back ends to have have IPV4/6 front ends. Here I am thinking of the work RALPP site has been working with in collaboration with CMS for xrootd Proxy Caching.

Even the FTS middleware deployed at the UK Tier1 is just about to be deployed dual-stacked. It is an interesting time  for IPV6 within the UK and not in the Chinese proverbial sense.

These are just some of the storage related highlights/current activities for IPV6 integration. I leave it as an exercise of the reader regarding other grid components.