19 July 2017

All things data transfery for UK ATLAS for 3 months.

As part of ruminations into how UK Tier2 sites for WLCG are going to evolve their storage. I decided to compare and contrast historical network and file usage for UK WLCG sites for  ATLAS VO for a three month period and relate this info to job completion and data deletion rates.

First we have file  I/O associated with Analysis jobs at the sites:

One should note that not all sites run analysis jobs. So I created a similar table for Production Jobs:


I then thought would be interesting to take the totals form the above two tables and see how they relate to the number of Jobs on computer resources. ( I am pretending that thee is no access from non-local worker nodes.

Below is a comparison Total WAN and LAN  data transfers rates with the Size of Storage Element with the total Volume of data which has been deleted from the SE (useful if you are interested in churn rates on your SE):

Caveat on all this info is that it is very much a measure of the VO usage at sites and not necessarily the capability of a site.