25 October 2011

"Georgina's " Travels

So I received various postcards from Georgina's family from their new homes around the world.
~9 months after Georgina's birth she has:
1497 unique children in 79 Houses in a total of 265 rooms.
( Further analysis is hard to describe in an anthropomorphous world since data set replicas would have to involve cloning in Dave and Georgina's world.)
Taking this into account of the 1497 datasets , the distribution of number of replicas is as follows:
556/1497 datasets only have one copy.
Maximum number of copies of any "data" dataset is 20.
Maximum number of copies of any "group" dataset is 3.
Maximum number of copies of any "user" dataset is 6.
What is of concern is to me is that 279/991 user or group derived datasets have one unique copy on the grid.

12 October 2011

Rumours of my storage have been somewhat exaggerated?

It has been reported that RAL's tape capacity has grown by some factor, by which I deduce as the most likely explanation that at least one of the backend databases has been upgraded from 2.1.10-0 to 2.1.10-1:

/* Convert all kibibyte values in the database to byte values */
UPDATE vmgr_tape_denmap
   SET native_capacity = native_capacity * 1024;
UPDATE vmgr_tape_pool
   SET capacity = capacity * 1024;
As you can see the internal accounting numbers are multiplied with a factor 1024 which obviously confuses the CIP. The new CIP (2.2.0) has code to deal with this, but we can backport it to the current one. The caveat is that not all CASTOR instances may have been updated; we will check that.