20 August 2009

GridPP DPM toolkit v2.5.2 released

Hello all,

Another month, another toolkit release.
This one, relative to the last announced release (2.5.0) has a slightly improved functionality for dpm-sql-list-hotfiles and adds a -o (or --ordered) option to dpm-list-disk.
The -o option returns a sorted list of the files in the space selected, descending by filesize. As this uses the dpm API, the process currently needs to pull the entire filelist before sorting it, so, unlike the normal mode, you get all the files output in one go (after a pause of some minutes while all the records are acquired + sorted).

There's also a new release of the Gridpp-DPM-monitor package, which includes some bug fixes and the new user-level accounting plot functionality. This should work fine, but if anyone has any problems, contact me as normal.

All rpms at the usual place: