29 December 2016

2016 - nice and boring?

We like GridPP services to be "nice and boring": running smoothly, and upgrades are uneventful

One cannot accuse the year 2016 of having been N&B, with lots of interesting and extraordinary events (also) in science. However, computing and physics also had their share of the seemingly extraordinary number of celebrities we will miss, such as Tomlinson and Minsky in computing, and arguably both Kibble, and Rubin should have won Nobel prizes in physics (or to be precise, shared the prizes that were awarded.)

In 2016 we continued to deliver services for LHC despite changing requirements, and also to support the much smaller non-LHC communities. With GridPP as a data e-infrastructure (and "data transfer zone"), have also revisited connecting GridPP to other data infrastructures and will continue this work in 2017.

GridFTP continues to be the popular and efficient workhorse of data transfers; xroot is also popular but mainly in high energy physics. Tier 2 sites are set to become SRM-less. Accounting will need more work in 2017; hopefully we can do this with the GLUE group and the EGI accounting experts. GridPP also looks forward to contributing to the EPSRC-funded Pathfinder pilot project which should eventually enable connecting DiRAC, eMedLab, and GridPP. So, perhaps, not N&B either.

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