20 July 2008

GridPP DPM toolkit v1.2.0-1 released

I have made a new release (v1.2.0-1) of the GridPP DPM admin toolkit. This adds in a new tool written by Michel Jouvin (GRIF, France) called "dpm-listspaces". Michel's aim with this new tool is that it can be used as a replacement for both dpm-qryconf and dpm-getspacemd. It is Michel's intention to get this into the main release of DPM, but as an interim solution I have included it in the toolkit. You can find installation instructions at the above link.

It should be noted that this release has a dependency on DPM-interfaces >= 1.6.11-4 which hasn't been released yet. The reason for this is that the very latest version of the DPM python API is required for dpm-listspaces to work. If you want to have a look, DPM-interfaces v1.6.11-4 can be found in the ETICS repo here. This is compatible with v1.6.10 of DPM (I've installed it at Edinburgh).

Finally, dpm-listspaces doubles up as the new GIP for DPM. It has a --gip option which prints out the appropriate bit of LDIF conforming to GLUE 1.3. You don't have to worry about this just now, I'll talk more about it at a later date.