23 December 2013

Good talks at DPM workshop

It's nice to see plans and  issues for DPM sites are similar around the world. Here are my musings:

The fact Australia and Taiwan sites see the approximate percentage of dark files after ATLAS RUCIO renamed their site as I have seen in the UK (8-9%) is encouraging to know that the UK is not especially bad; (now just need to work with ATLAS on how to efficiently clean up these files, delete empty directories; and how to reduce dark data creation in the future.) It will be interesting to see if other VO's have a lower or higher percentage of dark data.

Also good to hear that a puppet deployment of DPM (rather than YAIM) is almost complete for usage and now I have a better understanding of the development cycle of the individual components; I am less worried about the move away from a single product release.

11 December 2013

Off to Edinburgh for DPM Workshop 2013

Friday has me going to Edinburgh for the latest DPM workshop. It'll be good to meet and discuss all the new(ish) features DPM has to offer (and make my own suggestions...)

Meeting agenda should be available at the following indico meeting page: