14 September 2010

Aran Fawddwy

Welcome to Wales, to Cardiff actually, but if there are (real) mountains in Cardiff then I haven't seen them yet. The environment is certainly impressive, in Cardiff's city hall. As science conferences go, we're not used to such impressive surroundings.

Currently in the data management session where we have just heard from the UKQCD collaboration. It is interesting that their data grid is the stuff that we (GridPP) run, and the stuff the other guys run - ILDG is a collaboration of five countries, and they don't all run the same thing, but as long as they interoperate. As usual, GridFTP is the workhorse moving data back and forth, but even then data volumes are such that "truckftp" is sometimes quicker.

Oh, if you're around, don't forget to stop by the GridPP/NGS stand and say hi.