18 July 2011

Storage accounting in OSG and OGF

Groups like UR are getting around to discussing storage records. OSG already create storage records: they have XML-formatted records for both the transfer and the file history. (With thanks to Steve Timm from FNAL.)
<StorageElementRecord xmlns:urwg="http://www.gridforum.org/2003/ur-wg">
<RecordIdentity urwg:createTime="2011-07-17T21:18:07Z" urwg:recordId="head01.aglt2.org:544527.26"/>
Over in GLUE-land, the GLUE group insist that using the GLUE schema to publish accounting data - and indeed to use GLUE data for anything other than resource selection - "cannot be done." Unfortunately the chairs didn't make it to OGF, but next steps will include work on the XML rendering of GLUE 2.0, along with the implementations.
Meanwhile, back home in GridPP-land, we use GLUE 1.3 for dynamic data. The question is still mainly about the accuracy (and freshness) of the information published: e.g. temporary copies on disk, files being "deleted" from tape, etc, how these should affect the published dynamic data. As we now have "accurate" tape accounting, the information provider should be updated soon.