11 April 2011

Summary of GridPP storage workshop at GridPP26

The full agenda is here (scroll down to "end of main meeting" :-), with presentations attached: http://www.gridpp.ac.uk/gridpp26/

Thanks again to all the sysadmins for the interesting discussions, very technical and with a high level of expertise - and I think I was the lone voice in mentioning the words "project planning" and "deliverables" and "metrics," as it should be :-)

And as you've seen, it was Dave's birthday - a glass or two was raised in The Prince George (we somehow have lots of vegetarians in the group.)

A special thanks again to our friends from Dell, not just for sponsoring GridPP26, but also for working closely with the T2s (specifically Edinburgh, Sussex, and QMUL), for being genuinely interested in the data grid we have built, and in particular for a couple of outstanding technical presentations - it is rare that you get the ever-multitasking sysadmins to close their laptops!

Oh, and as you've no doubt spotted, the graph is planar, so we conclude it does not contain a copy of K3,3 or K5. You have mathematicians writing summaries, you get planar graphs :-)

05 April 2011

GridPP26 Pictures

Last time I took pictures, I put them on the grid, and challenged people to read them.

This time I put them on the cloud: see if that works. Pictures are mostly from the dinner sponsored by Dell.