31 July 2009

GridPP DPM toolkit v2.5.0 released

Hello everyone,

I've just released version 2.5.0 of the GridPP DPM toolkit.
The main feature of this release is the addition of the tool
which should be called as
dpm-sql-list-hotfiles --days N --num M
to return the top M "most popular" files over the past N days.
Caveat: the query involved in calculating the file temperature is a little more intensive than the average queries implemented in the tool kit. You may see a small load spike in your DPM when this executes, so don't run it a lot in a short space of time if your DPM is doing something important.

As always, downloads are possible from:

15 July 2009

Storage workshop and STEP report

The storage workshop writeup is available! Apart from notes from the workshop, it also contains Brian's storage STEP report. Follow the link and read all about it. Comments are welcome.

03 July 2009

GridPP Storage workshop

The GridPP storage workshop was a success. Techies from the Tier 2s got together to show and tell, to discuss issues, and to hear about new stuff. We also had speakers from Tier 1 talking about IPMI and verifying disk arrays, and from the National Grid Service talking about procurement and SANs.
We talked about STEP (storage) experiences, and had a dense programme with a mix of content for both newbies and oldbies, and we gazed into the crystal ball to see what's coming next.
All presentations will be available on the web on the hepsysman website shortly (if they aren't already). There will also be a writeup of the workshop.