28 September 2016

Co-evolving data nodes

Bing! a mail comes in from our friends in the States saying look! here's someone in New Zealand who has set up iRODS node to GridFTP data to/from their site. It is a very detailed document yet it looks a lot like the DiRAC/GridPP data node document. They have solved many of the same problems we have solved, independently.

The basic idea is to have a node outside your institute/organisation which can be used to transfer data to/from your datastore/cluster. With a GridFTP endpoint, you could move data with FTS (as we do with DiRAC), people can use Globus (used by STFC's facilities, for example), or data can be moved to/from other e-infrastructures (such as EUDAT's B2STAGE) or EGI. Regardless of the underlying storage, there will be common topics like security, monitoring, performance, how to (or not to) firewall it, how to make it discoverable, etc. It could be the data node in a Science DMZ.

The suggestion is that we (= GridPP, DiRAC, and in fact anyone else who is willing and able) contribute to a detailed writeup which can be published as an OGF document (open access publishing for free!, and because GridFTP is an OGF protocol), either community practice or experiences - and then have a less detailed paper which could be submitted to a conference or published in a journal. 

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