04 January 2007

Happy New Year everyone!

I've been asked to present a summary of a Tier-2 storage system using
DPM|dCache at a grid deployment board meeting next week. Some topics that
I would like to touch on are:

1. Inadequate administration tools for pool management i.e.,

a) flexible pool quotas.
b) redistributing files among pools (this is getting better).
c) moving files from one SRM to another within a site. Catalog
d) managing large clusters of machines (such as at Manchester).
e) namespace - disk pool synchronisation tools.

2. How should sites be optimising storage for WAN and LAN access? Will
this really be an issue?

3. Do Tier-2s know what sort of hardware they should be buying to meet
requirements? (We have good experiences with high end dedicated disk

4. Step-by-step guidelines (both technical and procedural) that sites should
follow when data is lost.

5. There are plans for DPM such that it can be configured to allow VOs to
write data to a pool which will then be backed up to tape at the Tier-1.
Is this necessary and if so how will it impact the VO usage of Tier-2s?

6. Instabilities with dCache (CLOSE_WAIT issue).

7. SRM v2.2 interoperability testing.

8. Migration to SL4 32/64bit.

If anyone can think of additional problems that they would like brought
up then send me an email. The same goes if you want to add information to
the above list.


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