13 March 2007

Some Extra DPM 1.6.3 Upgrade Notes

Downloading and diffing the YAIM versions 3.0.0-36 (which I ran) and 3.0.0-38 (the fixed version), reveals two things you have to do if you upgraded your DPM with v36:

  1. First, the srmv2.2 service was not chkconfiged to start again on boot, so run
    # chkconfig srmv2.2 on
  2. Secondly, the srmv2.2 service wasn't advertised in the information system so run
    # /opt/glite/yaim/scripts/run_function SITE-INFO.DEF config_gip
    # service globus-mds restart

Now you have a brand new shiny and advertised SRM v2.2 endpoint.

Of course, if you upgrade using v38 then you don't need to do anything.

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