15 September 2008

Update on CASTOR infoprovider deployment

It should have been done quite a few weeks ago, when we discussed it in a CASTOR experiments meeting, but deployment was postponed first when the 6.022*(10**23) bug hit (without stagers, the dynamic information provider is not terribly useful), and then I was away for some weeks for GridPP and AHM and suchlike.

So the new infoprovider is now rescheduled for deployment at 23.09.08 at 09:00 BST. Dutyadmin will schedule a short at-risk period for CASTOR.

The new provider will publish also "unreachable" storage spaces, e.g. disk pools with no space token descriptions, according to WLCG GDB accountingforeverythingism. Moreover, it will
abu^W use the "reserved space" attribute to publish whether space has been "reserved" for a VO. Not to be confused with SRM reservedSpace.

Note that like the previous versions, this one publishes only online (disk) space. A version that publishes nearline (tape) is in the pipeline but not with a high priority.

Currently discussions are ongoing whether it is appropriate to publish space as "reserved" (in the sense above) if it has no space token descr. I publish it in the version which will go out next week, but there is a development version which doesn't.

This version of the information provider was given to CERN and (INFN or ASGC) back in August, but it is not known whether they have deployed it.

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Greig A Cowan said...

I don't think anyone else is using the new GIP. I can tell because RAL is publishing all the correct space tokens for LHCb, but CERN and INFN appear to be broken. The information is there, but it's not quite in the correct format. Perhaps you could have a glance at it and suggest to them that they upgrade to your new GIP?