10 November 2008

Edinburgh dCache is dead. Long live DPM!

Today is a sad day in the world of Edinburgh storage. The long serving and (semi-)reliable dCache storage element has now been retired. It's had a hard life, with many ups and downs, particularly in it's youth. However, as it matured it grew into a dependable work horse for our local physics analyses. Unfortunately, the hardware is now old and creaking and the effects of the credit crunch have even managed to propagate all the way to the top of our ivory tower (i.e., electricity has gone up). These effects combined to force us to put dCache to sleep in a peaceful and humane manner at the end of last week.

However, never fear, all is not lost. We have been successfully using DPM for data access for many months now. We still have the occassional Griddy problem with it, but it is growing up to fill the void left behind by it's half brother. Long live DPM!

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