27 April 2009

Storage calendar

It's that time of year and I'm writing reports again. It shows that Greig has left, the number of blog entries has dramatically since the end of March... yes, I am still trying to persuade the rest of the group to blog about the storage work they're doing. Just because it's quiet doesn't mean they're not beavering away.

At the last storage meeting we had a look at the coming storage meetings - not our own but the ones outside GridPP. There were storage talks at ISGC and CHEP, we looked at some of those. The next pre-GDB or GDB is supposed to be about storage although the agenda was a bit bare last I looked. There will be a workshop at DESY focusing on WLCG's usage of SRM, with the developers from both sides, so to speak. Preparations are ongoing for the next OGF - mainly documents that need writing, we still need an "experiences" document describing interoperation issues at the API level. There's a hepix coming up (agenda), in Sweden - usually we have an interest in the filesystem part as well as the site management. Then there is a storage meeting 2-3 July at RAL, following hepsysman on 0-1 July.

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