22 December 2009

T2 storage Ready for ATLAS Data Taking.. Or are we??

Been a busy couple of Months really; what with helping the Tier2 sites to prepare their storage for data taking.... Good news is the sites have done really well.
Of the three largest LHC VOs, most work has been done with ATLAS; (since they have the hungriest need for space and complexity for site administration of Tier2 space.)

All sites now have the space tokens for atlas that they require.

The ATLAS people have also been ready to see what space is available to them adjust there usage to this.

Almost all sites had either their SE/SRMs in the process of upgrade/decommissioning ready for data taking in '09 and all should be ready for '10.
Sites were very good at making changes needed by the ATLAS changing needs of space token distribution.
Sites have also been really good in working with ATLAS via atlas "hammercloud" tests to improve their storage.
Some issues still remain (Draining on DPM, limiting gridFTP connections etc, lost disk server process, data management by the VOs etc) but these challenges/opportunities will make our lives "interesting" over the coming months..

So that covers some of the known knowns.

The known unknowns ( how user analysis of real data affects on T2 storage) are also going to come about over the next few months, but I feel both the GRIDPP-Storage team, the atlas-uk support team and the site admins are ready to face what the LHC community throw at us.

Unknown unknowns; we will deal with then when they come at us....

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