16 April 2010

Been on my holidays and plans for the future.

Been cloned to spanish LOCALGROUPDISK.
6120 jobs.
Click job number to see details.
States: finished:504 failed:5616
Users (3): A:1890 B:1114 C:3116
Releases (3): 1:47 2:1114 3:4959
Processing types (2): ganga:2670 pathena:3450
Job types (1): user:6120
Transformations (1): 1:6120
Sites (3): ANALY_CERN:1823 ANALY_FZK:67 ANALY_IFIC:4230

( Not sure how the jobs in Germany worked since according to dq2-ls I am only at RAL and IFIC. Also want to find out from where I was copied from when copied to IFIC; Ie was it direct from CERN or RAL; or did I go via PIC. IF I did go via PIC, how long was I there before being deleted? )

I expect to be reprocessed soon so it will be intersting to see how I spread and to see older versions of my children get deleted.

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