09 August 2010

DPM 1.7.4 and the case of the changing python module.

Since we've just had our first GridPP DPM Toolkit user hit this problem, I thought the time was right to blog about it.

Between DPM 1.7.3 and DPM 1.7.4, there is one mostly-invisible change that only hits people using the api (like, for example, the GridPP DPM Toolkit). Basically, in an attempt to clean up code and make maintenance easier, the api modules have been renamed and split by the programming language that they support.
This means that older versions of the GridPP DPM Toolkit can't interface with DPM 1.7.4 and above, as they don't know the name of the module to import. The symptom of this is the "Failed to import DPM API", in the case where following the instructions provided doesn't help at all.

Luckily, we wise men at GridPP Storage already solved this problem.
contains two versions of the GridPP DPM Toolkit RPM for the latest release - one suffixed "DPM173-1" and one suffixed "DPM174-1". Fairly obviously, the difference is the version of DPM they work against.

Future releases of the Toolkit will only support the DPM 1.7.4 modules (and may come relicensed, thanks to the concerns of one of our frequent correspondants, who shall remain nameless).

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