14 December 2010

Almost Nine months old.. But still going strong.

Its been a busy year for me,
I was born nearly nine months ago now and seem to have been kept spreading.
My avatar has been remiss in reporting my exploits so I am forcing him to give you an update.
I am now only in 19 countries. These are
Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Czech republic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Taiwan, UK and the USA.
I am at 68 physical sites (134 ATLAS endpoints) .
I am in a total of 2555 datasets ( but only 857 are unique).
The top 10 popular datasets have on averaged 20.7 copies on the grid. ( Ignoring these datasets leads to an average number of copies for all off Dave's datasets is 2.7.)
In total these unique datasets now are 33.4TB ( slightly more than the original 3TB that I was to start with!!!) So an increase in ~ a factor of 11. However my modest 1779 number of files has now increased to 698749 files; (an increase factor of 392).
My next post will show my birthday calendar. ( hoping to see if there is clustering around the time before conferences...)

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