13 June 2011

Dave is ageing ( but not forgotten), Hello to Georgina

Well I am not actually dead, but my importance is receding. They say a week is a long time in politics, well 1 day in the LHC is not like all the others. I was one of the early runs from 2010. My 2011 compatriots are now a lot larger. Take a comparison between me and my new friend "Georgina"

Georgina/Dave numbers are:
973/103 Luminosity blocks=> 9 times more blocks.
12,140,770/1,101,123 events => 11.02 times the events.
203.6/31.8 Hz event rate=> 6.4 times the rate.
16hrs31'46"/9hrs36'51" Beam time=> 1.7 times greater than Dave.
2.01e4/7.72e-3 of integrated luminosity=> 2.6M times the data.
16219.5/5282.5TB of all RAW datasets=> 3 times the volume.
15200/3831 files of all RAW datasets=> 4 time the number of files. smaller?)
0.541/3.127TB for the MinBias subset=> 0.32 the volume.
977/1779 files for the MinBias subset=> 0.55 time the number of files.
So it appears for this comparison that filesize is 3.5 times smaller for the MinBias subset....

For those of interest if my ATLAS "DNA" is; then Georgina's is
Of course what you really want to know (or not) is where in the world is Georgina and her relations and how what does her birthday calendar look like. My avatar is interested to find out that since Georgina is so much bigger than I am, will she have more children in more rooms and how long will they last...

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