12 October 2011

Rumours of my storage have been somewhat exaggerated?

It has been reported that RAL's tape capacity has grown by some factor, by which I deduce as the most likely explanation that at least one of the backend databases has been upgraded from 2.1.10-0 to 2.1.10-1:

/* Convert all kibibyte values in the database to byte values */
UPDATE vmgr_tape_denmap
   SET native_capacity = native_capacity * 1024;
UPDATE vmgr_tape_pool
   SET capacity = capacity * 1024;
As you can see the internal accounting numbers are multiplied with a factor 1024 which obviously confuses the CIP. The new CIP (2.2.0) has code to deal with this, but we can backport it to the current one. The caveat is that not all CASTOR instances may have been updated; we will check that.

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