14 September 2012

Large Read/Write rates allow T2 storage to fill quickly.

In the last six months, the UK T2s have ingested on average nearly 590MB/s; (peaking at 2.0GB/s.) As a source for transfers; the T2s have averaged 230MB/s and had a peak of 1GB/s. Purely for ATLAS, the write rate has averaged 473MB/s.

That equates to a volume for the last 23 weeks to be 6.58PB of data. Now ATLAS "only" have access to 7.9PB of storage capacity; so the time it takes ATLAS to fill its available storage is 28 weeks. N.B this week the average rate has been double at 953MB/s. so it would only take ~ 3 months to fill from empty. Also remember that this fill rate assumes that files are only transferred into the storage form across the WAN. Since many files are actually created at the T2s (either MC production or derived data; then the fill rate will be much quicker.

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