27 March 2014

dCache workshop at (with) ISGC 2014

Shaun and I took part in the dCache workshop. Starting with a VM with a dCache RPM, the challenge was to set it up with two pools, NFS4, and WebDAV. A second VM got to access the data, mainly via NFS or HTTP(S) - security ranged from IP address to X.509 certificates. The overall impression was that it was pretty easy to get set up and configure the interfaces and get it to do something useful: dCache is not "an SRM" or "an NFS server" but rather storage middleware which provides a wide range of interfaces to storage. One of the things the dCache team is looking into is the cloud interface, via CDMI. This particular interface is not ready (as of March 2014) for production, but it's something we may want to look into and test with the EGI FC's version, Stoxy.

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