30 June 2014

Thank you for making a simple compliance test very happy

Rob and I had a look at the gstat tests for RAL's CASTOR. For a good while now we have had a number of errors/warnings raised. They did not affect production: so what are they?

Each error message has a bit of text associated with it, saying typically "something is incompatible with something else" - like an "access control base rule" (ACBR) is incorrect, or tape published not consistent with type of Storage Element (SE). The ACBR error arises due to legacy attributes being published alongside the modern ones, and the latter complains about CASTOR presenting itself as tape store (via a particular SE)

So what is going on?  Well, the (only) way to find out is to locate the test script and find out what exactly it is querying. In this case, it is a python script running LDAP queries, and luckily it can be found in CERN's source code repositories. (How did we find it in this repository? Why, by using a search engine, of course.)

Ah, splendid, so by checking the Documentation™ (also known as "source code" to some), we discover that it needs all ACBRs to be "correct" (not just one for each area) and the legacy ones need an extra slash on the VO value, and an SE with no tape pools should call itself "disk" even if it sits on a tape store.

So it's essentially test driven development: to make the final warnings go away, we need to read the code that is validating it, to engineer the LDIF to make the validation errors go away.

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