25 February 2015

ATLAS MC deletion campaign from tape complete for the RAL Tier1.

So ATLAS  have just finished a deletion campaign of  monte carlo data from our tape system at the RAL Tier1.

The good news is that previous seen issues of transfers failing due to a timeout (due to misplacing an "I'm done" UDP packet ) seems to have been solved.

ATLAS deleted 1.325 PB of data allowing for our tape system to recover and re-use (when repacking as completed,) approximately ~250 Tapes. ATLAS delete in total 1739588 files.  The deletion campaign took 17 days, but we have seen deletion rates at least a factor of four higher capable from the CASTOR system; so the VO should be able to increase their deletion request rate.

What is also of interest (which I am now looking into;)  is that ATLAS asked us to delete 211 files which they thought we had but we did not.

Also now may be a good time to provide ATLAS with a list of all the files we have in our tape system to find out which files  we have which ATLAS have "forgotten" about.

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