20 March 2015

ISGC 2015 Review and Musings..

The 2015 ISGC Conference is coming to a close; so I thought I would jot down some musings regarding some of the talks I have seen (and presented.) over the last week. Not surprisingly; since the G and C are grids and clouds, a lot of talks were regrading compute, however there were various talks on storage and data management (especially dCache). But most interesting talk was regarding new technology which sees a cpu and network interface incorporated into an individual HDD. this can be seen here:

There were also many site discussion from the various asian countries represented, of which network setup and storage was on particular interest (also including using infiniband between Singapore Seattle and Australia.) My perfSONAR talk seem to be well received.  It makes the distance our european dataflows have to travel seem trivial.

It was also interesting to listen to some of the Humanities and Arts themed talks. (First time I have ever heard post- modernism used at a conference!!) Their data volume may well be smaller than WLCG VOS;  but still complex and uses interesting visualisation methods.

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