20 May 2015

A view from a room at WLCG/CHEP 2015

It is very handy to have both CHEP 2015 and the WLCG 2015 workshop at the same venue as I don't have to  change venues! Here are some thoughts I had from the meeting:
From WLCG:
Monitoring and Security issues were my main take away moments from the first day of the WLCG; (looking forward to getting restricted CMS credentials so  that I can see their monitoring pages.)
LHC VOs talked about current Run2 improvements and plans for HL-LHC
Many new sites supporting ALICE and plan to expand EOS usage....
ATLAS keep referring to T2 storage as custodial, but they know this is not what we normally mean as "custodial"
LHCb should a nice slide of the processing workflow for data IO ( a 3GB RAW file ends up also producing ~5GB on disk and 5GB on tape; (they merge their data files.)
Long term future is computer centres will become solely data centres possibly....?
OSG are changing CA and so all users will get a new DN. I can't help bit think about ownership of all their old data, will it survive the change?

Interesting talk on hardware. Each component is really only made by 3-4 companies globally.... and our procurement is minuscule.

From CHEP:
Hopefully my posters went down well. My highlights/points of interest were:

RSE within rucio for atlas can be used to make sure you have more than one replicas. Should be really useful for localgroupdisk and also allows for quota.

Intensity Frontier plenary regarding Computing at Femilab for neutrino experiments using small amounts of staff (made me reminisce about SAM system for data management...)

Data preservation talks for ATLAS CDF/DO interesting.
cms prepared to use network circuits for data transfer, expecting end run2 possibly, definitely run3.

Extension to perfSONAR system to allowe adhoc on demand tests between sites. ( I.e akin to refactoring the NDT/NPAD suites but not requiring the special WEB100 kernel.

Interesting to see that the mean read/write rate for BNL for ATLAS experiment is ~70TB/Yr per disk drive. I wander what other rates are....

Some Posters of interest were:
A173 A191 A317 A339 B358 A359 B20 B214 B114 B254 B284 B292 B358 B362 B408 B441 

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