29 March 2016

Deletion of Tape backed data for ATLAS VO at RAL Tier1

The RAL Tier1 is just about to migrate all the tape backed data that we store for the ATLAS collaboration onto larger tapes ( well the tapes are the same size but the amount per tape which can be written with new drives is higher. Before we started; we asked ATLAS if they could find any data to delete before we migrate ( so a not to put gaps  in to the new tapes.)
This they did successfully.
They deleted 1.58 million files; (corresponding to 1.48 PB of data,) over a 5 day  period this can be seen in the following plots, (deletion rate when busy of 20k files per hour):

Now to just get ATLAS to delete the remaining logfiles from DATADISK... (requires moving  to using our new CEPH storage system for this to happen...)....

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