26 January 2017

ZFS auto mount for CentOS7

When testing ZFS installs on servers running on CentOS7.3, it can happen that ZFS is not available after a restart. After some testing this seems to be related to systemd and probably affects other systemd Linux distributions too.

What I used were ZFS installs using different versions of ZFS on Linux. After looking into the system setup, I noticed that by default ZFS is just disabled. Doing the following solved the problem on the machines I tested:

systemctl enable zfs.target
systemctl start zfs.target
systemctl enable zfs-import-cache.service
systemctl enable zfs-mount.service
systemctl enable zfs-share.service 

This solved all auto mount issues for me on the CentOS systems.

 Note: At least when using the latest version, one can also use the following command as explained on the ZFSonLinux web page:

systemctl preset zfs-import-cache zfs-import-scan zfs-mount zfs-share zfs-zed zfs.target

Everyone who is upgrading to the latest version should also have a look to the ZFS on Linux web page since the repository address has changed. While it should have updated it automatically, if you haven't run any updates since some month, then it can't get the new repository automatically.

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