02 March 2017

When not to optimise best network settings ( and you should be satified with good...)

Just a quick note.. So whilst reviewing the current recommendations for network settings our our disk servers from the advice of our friends at fasterdata.es.net , I noticed they also had a section for settings for network performance machines running tests similar to those which on our machines as part of our WLCG work using the perfSONAR monitoring tools. 

Firstly I was interested to see that there were possible differences in settings between these machine types, but it also go me thinking that should we apply the perfSONAR settings to our perfSONAR machines. Un-intuitively the answer is NO! The gist of the advice from my friendly sys-admin with greater knowledge on this matter than I on this matter put it as follows.  `"` You want to have similar settings on the performance node (perfSONAR) as you do on you production disk servers so that you have  a good representation of the expected performance of reality..  `"`

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