03 April 2017

Current storage scope within GridPP

With a new project year upon us, I decided to review which site's storage support is used used by the WLCG VOs, what SRMs are used and the file systems used. On that last part , we now don't just have filesystems but also object stores with the usage of CEPH. Other filesystems are XFS, ZFS, HDFS, Spectrum Scale (or the artist formerly known as GPFS), and Lustre.

In terms of Storage elements/systems we have DPM, dCache, Castor, classic SE, stand alone xrootd, and stand alone gsiftp services. When it comes to the regional T2s and who they are used by, the following helps.

I thought about embedding SE system into the font used for each site, but thought that was too much overlay of information.

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