26 June 2017

A Storage view from WLCG 2017

I knew the WLCG 2017 meeting at Manchester was going to be interesting when it starts with  a heatwave! In addition to various non-storage topics we had good discussions regarding accounting, object stores and site evolution.

Of particular interest I think are the talks from the Tuesday morning sessions on midterm evolution of sites. Other topics covered  included a talk on a distributed dCache setup, a xrootd federations setup (using DynaFed) and the OSG experience of caching using xrootd. The network rates from the Tuesday afternoon session VO network requirement talks are good to look at for sites to try and calculate their bandwidth requirements dependent on what type of site they intend to be.

My highlights from the Wednesday sessions were the informative talks regarding accounting for storage systems without SRMs.

The last day also contained an IPv6 Workshop where site admins not only had some theory and heard the expected timescale for deployment   but also got a chance to deploy  ipv6 versions of perfSONAR/CVMFS/Frontier/squid/xrootd. ( not much different than deploying an ipV4 but that should not be a much of a surprise.)
Link to theses talks are:


A benefit from the meeting being in Manchester was the multiple talks from Manchester based SKA project for their data, computing and networking requirements. Links can be found interspersed here:


Also announced was the next pre-GDB on Storage in September:

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