29 May 2007

Storage security service challenge

WLCG are asking each ROC to run a security service challenge their sites. Someone (probably Alessandra) will submit a job to each site which will attempt to write a file to the local SE, read it back, copy it to a remote SE, delete the file... Once complete, the submitter will issue a GGUS ticket against the site, asking them to provide information on which operations were performed on the file. You can see an example of what is expected here:


The aim of this testing is to determine if SEs record sufficient information for tracing user operations and also to check that site admins are able to gather that information. I am currently putting together some scripts that will perform the querying and parsing of DPM/dCache databases and log files in order to gather the information.

In addition to going through the SE files, it is likely that sites will have to parse the PBS logs on the CE to determine the UI that was originally used for the job submission.

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