29 May 2007

Update on the classic SE

As reported at last weeks WLCG operations meeting, the classic SE is now completely frozen (not that it affects any GridPP sites since we are all SRM-ified). There are a few points to note about this:

Are there things not in the classic SE that people want added? Any such features should already be in DPM so this is an acceptable upgrade.

Are there features in the classic SE that are not available in DPM or dCache? The obvious answer is real POSIX mounting of the file system probably via NFS. Both DPM and dCache are looking at supporting NFSv4, there are comments from both of these that NFSv4 might be available by end of the year or sooner.

Will the classic SE be included in the upcoming gLite release? The answer is yes, it will appear in gLite 3.1. Once there is a DPM with NFSv4 support then this will be re-evaluated.

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Ewan said...

FWIW (possibly not much) there's a project here that aims to provide a posix interface to SRM storage using FUSE and the RFIO interface.