31 July 2007

SAM failures, again

Looks like something changed inside SAM (again) yesterday, causing a large number of sites to fail the CE replica management tests with a "permission denied" error.

Further investigation shows that the failed tests were being run by someone with a DN from Cyfronet.
By default, this is mapped to the ops group in the grid map file, not opssgm like Judit Novak and Piotr Nyczyk. It is clear from the Glasgow DPM logs that this DN does not belong to ops/Role=lcgadmin. This then leads to failures in DPMs due to the fact that the dpm/domain/home/ops/generated/ directories have ACLs on them which only grant write permissions to people in ops/Role=lcgadmin.

Looks like things have been rectified now.

Why do we keep on getting hit by things like this?

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