17 July 2007

DPM gridftp security

Apologies for not posting for a while, it's been a busy few weeks. First thing that should be mentioned is the gaping security hole that existed in the DPM gridftp server. Users using the uberftp (or some other suitable) client could log into the server and change permissions on anyones files, move files to different areas of the DPM namespace or even move files outside of the namespace altogether. Thanks to Kostas and Olivier at Imperial for spotting this. Unfortunately, it took a couple of weeks, 3 patch releases and a lot of testing within GridPP before we finally plugged the hole.

Initially only patched version of the 1.6.5 server was produced. I asked for the fix to be back-ported to 1.5.10 as there were a few sites still running this version, unable to upgrade to the latest release (due to the upgrade problems) due to ongoing experiment tests and wanting to be as secure as they could be. This was done, so thanks to the DPM team.

All sites should upgrade to the latest version of DPM and ensure that they are running patch -4 of the gridftp server.

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