27 May 2008

CCRC'08 data transfers (part 2)

Just thought I would post a couple of plots to show the data transfers over the past couple of weeks. Things seem to have reached their peak of ~2GB/s last week and have now reached a steady state of ~1.2GB/s. These plots show transfers from all sites to all sites and it looks like the vast majority of the data appears to be going to the T1s.

I think during the ATLAS FDR exercises there will be much more data coming to the T2s from their associated T1. This should be good to help test out all that new storage that has been deployed.


Brian Bockelman said...

I beg to differ from the GridView plots - they only know about ~1/2 of CMS transfers:

CMS PhEDEx plot

This means that the real CCRC08 data transfers are closer to 3GB/s. Not to mention that Nebraska had the highest incoming burst of CCRC08 for today at 555MB/s over an hour.


Greig A Cowan said...

Totally agree. To get a global view of what data is moving about the Grid, GridView is *not* the place to go. It's fine if all you want to know about is how much is pumping out of CERN, but that's about it.

We were just discussing this the other day and it was quite apparent that Phedex, LHCb monitoring, the ATLAS dashboard and individual FTS services are the best places to go. In fact, I'll just make a post about this now...