12 May 2008

DPM admin tools

I have started to put together a set of scripts for performing common (and possibly not-so-common) administration tasks with DPM. This uses the python interface provided by the DPM-interfaces package. It's definitely a work in progress, but you can you can checkout the latest set of scripts from here (assuming you have a CERN account):


If not, then I have put them in a tarball here.

They are very much a work in progress, so things will be changing over the next few weeks (i.e., keep a lookout for changes). As always, contributions are welcome. I should probably package this stuff up as an rpm, but haven't got round to that yet. I should also put them into the sys-admin repository and write some documentation (other than the -h option). Like I say, contributions are always welcome...


Ewan said...

It would really help with the RPM packaging if you could give the tarball as a whole a version number; ideally in the form of admin-tools-0.1.tar.gz unpacking into a directory called admin-tools-0.1. You could alternatively do the traditional CVS snapshot thing and use the date in YYYYMMDD format.

RPM really doesn't cope well without version numbers so if there isn't one on the tarball at all the packager would have to make one up.

Greig A Cowan said...

Hi Ewan. Thanks for your comment; you are correct, I should definitely use a more structured approach to this. I'll get on it.

I should also note that there does exist a DPM utilities package that Graeme wrote a while ago. This uses direct connection to the MySQL DB, so it's not an ideal. I would argue that the python API is a more sustainable approach.