18 August 2008


Just a heads up for any DPM users - We might have discovered an issue with the draining files from a pool. If for any reason dpm thinks there's no allocatable space (not the same thing as Free space - its assuming space reservations are going to be filled) then it may move the data out of that pool and into another (such as generalPool).

Even worse it may remove those files out of a spacetoken.

I believe the problem you've run into is that dpm-drain is moving the files out of their space and putting the new copy in no particular space. The ATLAS pool would be preferentially chosen for ATLAS files but the free (non space reservation) portion has been exhausted, so it falls backs to the general pool.

I shall update when I have more information. (needless to say we stopped draining uki-scotgrid-glasgow pools this morning)

See Bug #40273

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