21 August 2008

RAL Castor issues also affecting LHCb

The Oracle problems that heve been an issue with the CASTOR ATLAS system at RAL also appear to be affecting LHCb according to an email from Bonny this morning. Problems started at 2008-08-20 10:56.


Greig A Cowan said...

Yes, it is. That's now RAL, PIC and GridKa all having data access problems for LHCb. For IN2P3, they have just moved to using xroot to access files on the dCache rather than dcap. This is so far proving more successful in that jobs are successfully processing many files. With dcap LHCb are constantly seeing the standard:

Failed to create a control line
Failed open file in the dCache.

error message.

Derek Ross said...

Yes, we're tracking status updates on this Tier1 Blog post:


Apparently I tempted fate just a bit too much with the title :-/

Derek Ross said...

Shorter URL, less likely to get truncated :