21 October 2008

GridPP DPM toolkit v2 released

I've just packaged up and released v2 of the GridPP DPM toolkit. You can find the latest information and installation instructions on the wiki. There have been a few significant changes with this release, hence the change in the major version number. In summary, the changes are as follows:

* A new naming convention. All tools have been renamed from gridpp_* to dpm-* or dpns-* to bring them into line with the existing DPM client tools (Graeme will be happy...).

* All tools are now installed in /opt/lcg/bin rather than /usr/bin (again to bring them into line with the existing client tools).

* A new tool called dpns-find. This allows a user to specify a path and a FILENAME. The tool will then recursively search the directory tree for all files that match FILENAME and print out the full path to that file to stdout. This tool doesn't attempt to reproduce the functionality of the UNIX find command; I'll see if I can extend the functionality in a future release.

* Michel Jouvin's dpm-listspaces has been updated to the latest release (which will work with the 1.6.-11 branch of DPM).

The yum repository repodata should be updated tonight. As always, let me know if there are problems with the tools or if you want to add one of your own.

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