16 October 2008

GridppDpmMonitor v0.0.4 released

I've made another release of GridppDpmMonitor. This adds support for viewing the space used per user (i.e. DPM virtual uid) and per group (DPM virtual gid). I've removed most of the DN information so that user privacy is retained.

You'll have to wait until tomorrow for the yum repository to be rebuilt. See previous postings on this subject to get the location of the wiki and repo.

The monitoring will be useful to see which users are exceeding their "quota", but it does not enforce a quota on the users. At the moment, there is no quotaing in the Grid SEs. However, this tool does give site admins is the ability to go and beat local users round the head with a big stick if they go over their allocation. CMS want 1TB for local users; I don't think there is a similar requirement from ATLAS, yet.

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