15 June 2009

Storage workshop planning

With now less than 0.05 years to go before the storage workshop, the agenda and other planning is continuing apace.
We would like to ask sites to give site reports (currently 20 mins each, incl. Qs) about their (own) storage infrastructure: we'd like to hear about their storage setup (as opposed to computing and other irrelevant stuff :-P) as well as their STEP experiences. This is partly so we can discuss the implications, but also for the benefit of folks who will be attending the storage workshop only. We will get feedback from ATLAS on STEP, ie the users' perspective.
Brian will present our experiences with BeStMan and Hadoop; there will be an introduction to the storage schema, to the DPM toolkit, to SRM testing, to user level accounting, and from the Tier 1 a talk on disk arrays scheduling, and hopefully room for discussion. So lots of things to look forward to!

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