01 June 2009

Summary of DESY workshop

Getting the SRM implementers back together was very useful, and long overdue. We agreed of course to not change anything :-)
  • We needed to review how WLCG clients make use of the protocol; there are cases where they do not make the most efficient use of the protocol, thus causing a high load on the server. Is the estimated wait time used properly?
  • Differences between implementations may need documenting, e.g. whether an implementation supports "hard" pinning.
  • We reviewed the implementations' support for areas of the protocol, whether it was fully or partially supported (or not at all), to find a "core" which MUST be universally supported, and whether the implementers thought the feature desirable, given their specialist knowledge of the underlying storage system.
  • Security and the use of proxies were discussed.
There was one person who was involved with SNIA, and users from WLCG.
This is the summary, for the full report attend the next GridPP storage meeting.

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