14 May 2010

And hotter:

So I forgotten about some of my children ( well more precisely they are progeny since they do not come directly from me but are my descendants.) So some had gone further round the world ans even more descendants have been produced.
I now have 671 Ursula's', 151 Dirks',162 Valery's'; they also have 46 long lost cousins I did not know from cousin Gavin ( well that's what I call him, ATLAS call him group owned datasets.

One problem I am having is that my children have now travelled miles around the world. ( I myself have now been cloned and reside in the main site in the USA.

In total, I now have children in Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Australia, China, Japan and Taiwan.

My Avatar has been counting to calculate how much infomation has been produced by me.
If you remember , I was 1779 files and ~3.1TB in size. I now have299078 unique child files (taking a volume of 21.44TB). Taking into consideration replication, this increases to ~815k files and 88.9TB.

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