12 May 2010

Usage really hotting up

Whoa! I turn my back for a moment an I suddenly get analysed massively (and not in the Higgsian sense.) they say a week is a long time in politics, its seems it an eternity on the grid. My Friendly masters holding up the world have created a new tool so that I can now easily see how busy my children and I have been.

My usage is now as follows:
I now have 384 children all beginning with user* (now known as Ursula's)
These 384 children have been produced by 129 unique ATLAS users
Of these:
60 only have 1 child
17 have 2 children
12 have 3 children
16 have 4 children
6 have 5 children
7 have 6 children
3 have 7 children
2 have 8 children
3 have 9 children
1 has 14 children
1 has 16 children
1 has produced 24 children!

I now have 61 children all beginning with data* (now known as Dirk's)
I now have 27 children all beginning with valid* (now known as Valery's)

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