17 June 2010

Have you heard this one before...

Sunny Amsterdam. Narrow streets, canals. Friendly locals, and a bicycle with your name on in it. Wonderful place for a WLCG data management jamboree.

The super brief summary of yesterday is that some people are pushing for a more network centric data model. They point to video streaming, although others point out that video streaming is very different from HEP analysis. (More in the next couple of GridPP storage meetings.)

Today is more on technology, some known, some less so. One particular piece I would like to highlight is NFS4.1 which is still progressing and is now said to be "wonderful." :-)

There are lots of discussions which sound oddly familiar. For example, use of P2P networks have been suggested before (by Owen, back in EDG) and it's now coming up again. But of course technology moves on and middleware matures, so revisiting the questions and the proposed solutions will hopefully be useful.

Oh, and Happy to J "birthday" T.

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